men at work


1/800 sec @ f/2.8, ISO 100, 100mm

I was at cafe paul on jbr walk this weekend for breakfast with a visiting family member and took this shot of a family enjoying the sandpit/play area just next to the cafe. it is fantastic that so many different people use the jbr walk area for so many different purposes - it makes for some great photo ops!




1/15th sec @ f/8, ISO 100, 55mm

sunset is about the only time the JBR buildings look good...

I spent a productive evening walking around the beach in front of the JBR development during the week.

I was mostly shooting handheld and managed to maintain good sharpness in low light - IS is really helpful! I may look to getting a monopod soon - tripods are great and I do use mine a lot but if I can shoot at 1/15th, f/8, ISO 100 handheld and be steady then a monopod would cover almost all of my stabilisation needs while being easier to carry and a lot faster and more flexible in terms of composition compared to a tripod.

expect more from that day’s shooting soon...